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Tungsten Carbide Turning Tool

Tungsten Carbide Turning Tool
Our company has in tungsten carbide turning tool possession an advanced production line for manufacturing dies and moulds and a production line for post machined cemented carbide products. We can also supply tailor-made products of various specifications based on the requirements of our customers. Because of tungsten carbide turning tool high precision and high reliability, tungsten carbide inserts have been broadly used worldwide for significant productivity improvements.

Tungsten carbide has extremely high hardness and wear-resistivity compared with conventional steel materials, and it is expected that the tungsten carbide can be applied widely to dies and molds in the near future. In order to develop an efficient machining method of tungsten carbide for the dies and molds, series of cutting experiments were carried out to turn the sintered tungsten carbide materials with CBN tool. The selected sintered tungsten carbide work pieces are those containing tungsten carbide grains with mean grain size of 5μm, and 15wt%, 20wt% and 22wt% of cobalt binder. The sintered CBN tool selected contains super-fine grains of CBN with mean grain size of 1μm. The cutting speed was varied from 10m/min to 60m/min, and the tool wear and the surface roughness were measured. It is concluded that the tool wearis less when cutting the sintered tungsten carbide containing larger amount of cobalt binder. The surface roughness of about 2μm in Rz is obtained.

cemented carbide turning tool

Tungsten Carbide Turning Tool Feature
1. Long life
2. Good toughness and hardness
3. High precision
4. Working efficiency
5. Right hand and left hand available
6. Accessories with pretty good quality

The notable and rare combination of physical properties possessed by tungsten carbide makes it useful for a variety of applications. It is extremely strong and wear-resistant. There are only a few materials on earth that can be used to cut or engrave tungsten carbide, with industrial diamond abrasives being one of these. Its tensile strength is very high, but it is brittle under high pressures as a result. The melting point of tungsten carbide is also very high, at 5,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

tungsten carbide turning tool carbide turning tool

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