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Tungsten Carbide Rotary File

What is tungsten carbide rotary file?

Until the 20th century, the mid-80s, most of the rotary files are manufactured by hand to the production. With the increasing development of computer numerical control technology, automatic machines began to spread over the world, they can be sculpted out of relying on any groove style rotary file, and through the finishing end of the cutting to fit specific requirements. Currently, rotary file with the best performance is created by a computer numerical control machines.

The application of tungsten carbide rotary file

Carbide rotary files are widely used in machinery, automobiles, ships, chemicals, carving and other industrial departments. The effects caused by carbide rotary file is significant. Its main applications are:

  • (1) finishing of metal mold cavity, such as the shoe molds and so on.
  • (2) various metal and nonmetal carving, craft gift of sculpture.
  • (3) removal of casting, forging, welding pieces of flash, burrs, weld, such as machine casting plants, shipyards, automobile plants.
  • (4) various mechanical parts rounding chamfer and groove processing, cleaning pipes, finishing the hole to the surface of mechanical parts, such as mechanical plant, repair shop and so on
  • (5) impeller light repair parts such as automotive engine plant.
carbide rotary file carbide rotary file
Main characteristics of tungsten carbide rotary file

Carbide rotary file has the following characteristics:

  • (1)carbide rotary file can cut any a variety of metals with hardness in HRC70 , such as hardened steel non-metallic materials (marble, jade, bone,etc.)
  • (2) In the vast majority of work, tungsten carbide rotary file can replace Petiole small wheel with no dust pollution.
  • (3) high efficiency, compared with hand tools.
  • (4), good processing quality, finish, and can be processed into high-precision mold cavity shapes.
  • (5) long life and durability than high speed steel tool, whose durability is ten times less than the wheel.
  • (6) easy for use. Safe, reliable, and reduce labor intensity while improving the working environment.
  • (7) economic benefits are greatly improved and comprehensive processing costs can be much reduced

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