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Tungsten Carbide Scale End Mill

What is tungsten carbide scale end mill?
Tungsten carbide scale end mill include milling cutter and milling shank two parts, the main feature is the cutting edge milling cutter portion is composed of left and right-handed helical groove symmetrical cross cutting units constituting, left more than two helical grooves than the right spiral groove; main cutting edge of each cutting unit length is made 0.05 ~ 0.1mm, cutting flank along the trailing edge made of a cylindrical surface width 0 ~ 0.01mm; front cutting edge angle is made 10°~ 15°, the rake face on the cross-section method is linear; after the cutting edge angle is made 20°~ 25 °; spiral deep sipes made tool diameter of 7 to 8%.

In order not to appear delamination or burrs phenomenon but also to improve processing efficiency, for composite milling should be used in conjunction milling processing methods. Therefore, we have proposed a design of solid carbide "scale" cutter. The tool consists of two parts blade portion and a shank composed of this kind of cutting edge milling cutter portion on the scale of many cutting unit consists of alternating left and right rotation symmetrical spiral groove formed composition, more right-handed than left-handed spiral groove 2 around the spiral groove helix angle were 30°; the main cutting edge of each cutting unit is only 0.05 ~ 0.1mm long spiral blade; spiral blade angle is made before the 10°~ 15°, in cross-section on the law and rake a straight line; deep spiral groove cutter tool diameter 7% to 8%; after the helix angle of the blade made of 20°~ 25°; after helical flank formed along the cylindrical surface width 0 ~ 0.01mm.
tungsten carbide scale end mill

Advantages of tungsten carbide scale end mill
Tungsten carbide scale end mill is used in carbon fiber, glass fiber and other composite materials. The cutting edge is composed of many cutting units, sharp cutting edge, thereby greatly reducing the cutting resistance, and can achieve high-speed cutting, milling and grinding to achieve the effect of improving the processing efficiency and surface quality of the composite material, extending milling life of the knife.

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