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Tungsten Carbide Pressure Cylinders

Code key for the description of anvils and pressure cylinders.
The description of anvils and pressure cylinders consists of codes with letters and numerals of a given meaning that are arranged in a certain order.

Code key for the description of sintered products
DC636: DC means the name of sintered products, 6 means category of sintered products, 36 means dimensions of the working facets of sintered products.
a. The part is 2 Chinese phonetic alphabets indicating the name of sintered products. For example, DC indicates anvils and DG indicate pressure cylinders.
b. The second part is one numeral indicating the category of sintered products. For example, 6-facet anvils are indicated by 6 and 2-facet anvils and pressure cylinders are indicated by 2.
c. The third part with 2 numerals indicates the dimensions of the working facets of the anvils or the dimensions of the cavity of the pressure cylinders with only integers.

Tungsten Carbide Pressure Cylinders Aadvantages
1. Tungsten carbide cylinder with stable quality, good density, high overall performance.
2. Pressure cylinder is designed to follow the basic principles of mechanics, is a brittle material, has a high compressive strength, shear force is weak.
3. The general grade of pressure cylinders is YG8 & YL30.3, is the diameter is bigger than 90mm, it is use YL30.3.

Tungsten Carbide Pressure Cylinders Sintered Products
tungsten carbide pressure cylinders

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