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Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade

What is Tungsten Carbide Saw Blade?

Tungsten carbide saw blades can be simplified as TCT saw blades. Tungsten carbide saw blade is the most commonly used wood products processing cutting tools. The quality of carbide saw blade and processing are closely related. Reasonable selection of carbide saw blades is important for improving product quality ,shortening the processing time, reducing processing costs. Tungsten carbide saw blade contains the type of substrate material, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, profile, angle, aperture and other parameters, which determine the processing capacity and cutting blade. Selecting the blade for cutting materials should take the type, thickness, cutting speed, cutting direction, feed speed, road width of the need into consideration.

TCT-saw-blades TCT-saw-blades

Proper use of tungsten carbide saw blade.

Basic requirements of TCT saw blades:

  • According to equipment design and select the most appropriate carbide saw blade.
  • The equipment shall be equipped with safety devices, such as: protective cover, power brakes, overload protection.
  • installation, and wear work clothes, wearing goggles, earmuffs etc. should be operated under a professional operator
  • Operators can not wear gloves, and long hair should be put inside the cap in order to prevent danger.
  • Away from fire and humid environment.

Installation requirements of tungsten carbide saw blades:

  • the equipment should be in good condition. No distortion in spindle, no path hop, no vibration and so on.
  • checking the state of blade, tooth is complete, the saw plate is smooth and clean, and presence of other anomalies, in order to ensure safe use.
  • direction of the arrow blade should be the same with spindle rotation direction when assemblly.
  • saw the installation to maintain the axis, a chuck and flange for cleaning, blade flange diameter and the same diameter, flange and blade to ensure close integration of pins installed, tighten the nut. Flange size should be appropriate, shall not be less than the diameter of the saw blade diameter of 1 / 3.
  • Before starting the device, the safety of the situation should be ensured. A single person should operate equipment, jog idling, check the device is turned to the right without vibration, and the saw blade should be installed a few minutes after the first spin.

Use requirements of TCT saw blades:

  • the workpiece should be ensured of that fixed positioning profiles consistent with the direction of cutting tool in order to avoid abnormal cut, do not put pressure on the side or curve cut into the knife to smooth the impact of the blade to avoid contact with the workpiece, leading to blade breakage, or parts flying, accident.
  • operation should be strictly immediately terminated when there are abnormal sound, vibration or the cutting surface is rough.
  • cutting and stop cutting at the beginning, do not feed too fast to avoid broken teeth and damaged.
  • in order to avoid broken teeth and damage, do not feed the blade too fast when start cutting or stop cutting.
  • if the metal you are going to cut is aluminum or other metal, you should use a dedicated coolant to prevent overheating the blade and other damage, which may affect the cutting quality.
  • flute and suction equipment installations to ensure the smooth flow of slag in order to prevent the slag accumulation in the piece and affect production and safety.
  • When dry cutting, there should not be long continuous cutting, so as not to affect the life of the saw blade and cutting effect; wet film cutting, should be added to the water cut, to guard against leakage.

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