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Cemented carbide, also named tungsten carbide or tungsten cemented carbide, is called the "Teeth of Industry". With its superior properties, such as high hardness, wear and abrasion resistance, cemented carbide is the ideal material for many cutting tools and mechanical parts.

Cemented carbide raw material can be formed into various of fine products by mixing with certain binders, such as cobalt/nickel powder, etc. Based on different binder, cemented carbide products have different grades and shows different performance, and customers can select the most suitable grade of cemented carbide for better meet their needs.

Chinatungsten Online has been the professional manufacturer and supplier of cemented carbide products for almost 20 years, and our engineers will find the best solution for providing you with our fine products even with customized designs.

Cemented carbide has higher density than steel and titanium, and also, it has extremely high hardness, which make it become the most popular material for various of cutting tools, such as drill bits, end mills and reamers, etc. Besides, cemented carbide also resist corrosion and abrasion well, therefore, it also has a wide use in mechanical seals field.


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