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Carbon Graphite Seals

Carbon graphite seal materials require high strength and a relatively high modulus of elasticity to withstand deformation at the interface.Carbon graphite seal materials provide the strength and rigidity which are especially important in high pressure, zero leakage mechanical end-face seals. High thermal conductivity is essential in removing heat from the interface.

Carbon graphite seal wear is a result of adhesive wear, chemical wear, erosive wear and sometimes radioactive wear. Carbon-graphite is inert to most chemical reagents so it survives where other materials fail. However, chemical wear is evidenced in certain strong oxidising environments or where the additives are attacked by specific oxidising reagents.

Applications of Carbon Graphite Seals

Carbon-graphite and graphites are excellent materials for aircraft turbine engine mainshaft seals. The mainshaft in a turbine engine rotates at very high speeds and operates in an environment of changing high temperature conditions. Mainshaft bearing compartment seals are used to protect rotor support bearings from hot gases flowing through the engine and to prevent the loss of lubricant in the bearing compartments.

In general, ROC carbon carbon/ graphite seals and bearings are used where extreme operating temperatures and/or corrosive fluids would cause conventional lubricants to decompose, where lubricants would contaminate process fluids, and where equipment design makes conventional lubricating systems too expensive to install and maintain. Nonlubricating applications for which ROC Carbon supplies carbon/graphite grades include electrodes and brazing boats, jigs, and fixtures.

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