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Tungsten Carbide Spade Drill

What is spade drill
Spade drill is improved on the basis of the U drilling tools. The equipment has wide range (to be used in radial drill, drilling legislation, bed, machining centers and other facilities) but it is rigidity less demanding of the devices. Overall inserts are able to accurately centering tip with sub-flutes, and to process depth hole.

Spade drill is generally used for intermediate speed u diamond processing and ordinary drill machining is generally a high-speed steel blade, speed is generally at 1000 rpm or less, compared to normal do not need sharpening drills have low-skill workers.

What is Tungsten Carbide Spade Drill
Tungsten carbide spade drill combined by the shank and inserts. As usual, tungsten carbide spade drill’s shank is made of steel and the inserts is made of cemented carbide. Solid shank with side handle and Mohs handle two structures. Weldon shank Arbor commonly used in CNC lathes, machining centers CNC machine tools. Mohs handle is applied to drilling legislation, Rocker drilling, Pu cars and other traditional devices. By simply installing a cooling ring device, it can achieve by an external cooling into internal cooling. Cooling water through cooling ring into the holder, and which could through internal cooling holes direct cooling to the blade portion. And high-pressure cooling water more help chip evacuation.

Spade drill inserts can be divided into two kinds, which are tungsten carbide inserts and high-speed steel blades. Tungsten carbide inserts range from 9mm to 32mm. High-speed steel blades range from 9mm-68mm, some non-target blade can even do more. High-speed steel blade is typically 8% cobalt M42 cobalt high speed steel with good wear resistance and toughness. And much better performance than steel blades carbide blades, life is relatively long.

tungsten carbide spade drill tungsten carbide spade drill

Tungsten ccarbide spade drill inserts’ position is through recess, the two screw holes fixed positive and negative, which could ensure symmetry between the inserts 0.01-0.02mm. There are 2-6 chipbreaker, but it is usual depending on the blade size. According to the cutting material, the top inserts include X-type drill tip and S-type drill tip.

Tungsten Carbide Spade Drill Advantages
Easy to play long times holes. Double-edged blade is the use of intermediate-centering cutting symmetrical structure, and uses a carbide system, so you can reach even deep hole 20D. General U drilling shallow holes drilled hole can not play, can be accomplished by a spade drill.
Spade drills Carbide system can be widely used radial drilling and other traditional tools. Because traditional machine spindle speed is low, poor rigidity, power is weak, the general fast drilling, U drilling installation drill carbide blade can not be used. The spade drill using a carbide blade coating system with high toughness and impact resistance, which can effectively solve the problem of chipping.

Tungsten carbide spade drill drilling accuracy is much higher than U drill. U drill is to install two asymmetrical cutting blades. When the blade cut into the surface of the workpiece, the tool body on the outer edge and inner edge suffered axial force is not balanced, would inevitably lead to changes in size, so U drill only as roughing tool, accuracy ± 0.1mm. Spade drill cutting blade symmetry, dimensional accuracy can be controlled within 5 wires. Directly after starting hole drilling can reach the requirements. Spade drill side wiper blades are belt, wiper strip by extruding, machining hole wall finish can be achieved RA1.6.

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