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Tungsten Carbide Jig

What is Jig?

The jig is a jig assisted drilling

What is Tungsten Carbide jig
Tungsten carbide jig means drilling on the workpiece (see Drilling) or reaming (see reaming) with machine fixture.

The structural characteristics of the jig is carbide addition to positioning of the workpiece, the clamping device, there is the position in accordance with the distribution of processed holes provided drill sleeve and drilling template to determine the position of the tool, and to prevent the machining tool tilt process, thus ensuring the positional accuracy of the hole to be machined.

Tungsten Carbide Jig Types

Common carbide drill norm fixed, rotary, flip type and flat-type four kinds.

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Stationary Jig
Location jig and the workpiece on the machine remain unchanged for machining radial drilling a single hole or a plurality of parallel holes on drilling.

Rotary Jig
With rotary indexing means, in the case of the workpiece can be processed without releasing a plurality of axially parallel holes distributed on the same circumference, a plurality of vertical and oblique axis of the workpiece diameter hole or several holes in the surface direction.

Flip The Jig
Clip specifically supporting surface in several directions, processing by hand to flip the direction of each required to drill for small parts.

Cover Jig
Only drilling template without specific folder. When using the drilling template installed directly on the surface of the workpiece positioning reference for the larger piece drill holes.
In addition, mobile, etc. Strut jig.

Tungsten Carbide Jig Application
Ensure the position of the jig to improve drilling efficiency, reduce workers' technical requirements.

Uses of Tungsten Carbide Jig
1, flange 2, the motor plate 3, base, 4 hydraulic valve block 5, cover 6, nuts 7, washers 8, shafts, etc.

Tungsten Carbide Jig Processing Methods
Old: Finishing well drilling template, and then drill into the casing pressure.
New: The first drill sleeve positioned within fortunately certain environment, then pouring the filler cap, suitable for use hydraulic valve block using a jig flange class.

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