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Tungsten Carbide New Grade

Chinatungsten Online manufactures and supplies different tungsten carbide new grades. Tungsten carbide new grade as following:

Grade Typical Property Values Performance & Applications Equivalent
to ISO
YT715 11.3 1760 92.0 High red hardness and wear resistance. Medium finishing to finishing of alloy steel with high strength. P10~P20
YT712 11.8 1750 92.0 High wear resistance and excellent impact toughness. Machining of steel with high strength, manganese steel sheets and stainless steel, P10~P20/M10
YT707 12.2 1650 92.0 High wear resistance with desirable comprehensive properties Machining of alloy steel with high strength, speed steel and steel, P10/M10
YT758 13.2 1960 92.0 High hardness under high temperature and high wear resistance Continuous or intermittent cutting of steel with super strength. P10~P20/M20
YT798 12.3 1910 91.5 High toughness and high resistance to thermal shock and plastic deformation. Milling of alloy steel, tool alloy steel, manganese steel and stainless steel. P20~P25/M20
YT767 13.1 1800 92.0 High wear resistance and high resistance to plastic deformation Continuous or intermittent cutting of manganese steel and stainless steel. M10~M20
YT726 14.2 1610 92.5 High red hardness and wear resistance. Turning and Milling of chilled cast irons, cast alloy irons and quenched steel. K05~K10/M20
YT6S 13.5~14.7 1500 91 Having the same wear resistance as YG6X but higher toughness. for tobacco cutters and rough and finish milling of cast iron. K10
ZC1 13.7~14.2 1600 91 Coated substrate of higher toughness and red hardness, for semi-finishing or finishing of carbon steel and alloy steel, generally for threading tools P15~P25
ZC2 13.3~13.7 1800 90.5 Coated substrate with higher toughness and slightly less wear resistance than ZC1, for semi-finishing and roughing after coating. P25~P35
YT730 13.0 1900 91 Having higher impact and heat shock resistance, for rough turning, milling and planning of carbon steel, alloy steel, hi-Mn steel, hi-strength steel and cast steel. P20~P30
YT790 12.4 1800 91 Better, toughness, wear resistance high impact resistance thermal cracking resistance, and plastic deformation resistance for rough turning ,milling and planning of steel, esp. forgings and castings scales. P25~P30
YT770 12.8~12.95 1900 91 High toughness. wear resistance and heat shock resistance. for milling and medium speed and full-feed turning of steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel and hi-Mn steel. P30
YT769 12.4~13.4 1850 90 Of higher impact toughness than YT798, for vertical rough milling cutters, indexable shallow hole drills, saw web and cut off tools for machining of high strength steel and quality alloy steel. P30~P35
YG600 14.9 1550 93.5 High red hardness, wear resistance and thermal strength under high temperature. Machining of cast irons. quenched steel. non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials K01~K05
YG610 14.6 1720 93.0 Good thermal strength and high wear resistance .Continuous or intermittent? cutting of cast irons, refractory alloys and quenched steel? K01~K10
YG643 13.7 1800 92.5 High wear resistance, high resistance to oxidation and to bonding Machining of cast irons, refectory alloys, stainless steel, quenched steel and non-ferrous materials K05~K10/M10
YG813 14.4 2100 91.5 Optimum wear resistance, high bending strength and high resistance to bonding . Machining of refractory alloys, stainless steel and high manganese steel, etc. K10~K20/M20
YG640 13.2 2410 91.0 Good thermal strength, high resistance to wear, impact and oxidation. Continuous or intermittent cutting of heavy work pieces of cast irons, milling and planning of refractory steel with high strength. K30~K40/M40
YG522 14.3 1850 92.5 High wear resistance, high strength and higher service endurance than the same tool fabricated by Taiwan, esp. for bamboo and wood processing, and for cutting of non-ferrous metals and non-metallic materials. K05~K20
YG524 14.6 2400 91.0 High strength alloy with high toughness and impact resistance ,for milling and planning of large bamboo and wood surfaces. K20~K30
YG532 14.1 1960 92.0 High hardness and toughness. Machining of cast irons. stainless steel, and refractory alloys. etc. K10~K20/M20
YG546 14.6 2150 90.0 Good toughness, high strength, capable of resisting high impact load, Roughing of stainless steel and cast irons. K30~K40
YT535 12.7 1980 90.5 Wear resistance red hardness better than YT540 and high strength in use.? Continuous rough turning and milling of cast or forged steel. P25~P35
YT540 12.6 2300 90.0 Good' toughness and good shock resistance. Suitable for low to medium speed cutting. P40

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