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Tungsten Carbide Punch Types
Depending on the material selection punch can be divided into SKD punch, SKH punch, ASP punch. Meanwhile according to the different shapes and uses, tungsten carbide punch can be divided into picture punch, hexagonal punch, oval punch , forming punch, fan-shaped punch, shaped punch.

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Tungsten Carbide Punch Manufacturing Process
1. Drawing, cut off.
2. Heat treatment. Compared tune straight - fine quenching - tempering treatment.
3. Grinding. According to tungsten carbide punch various sharp dock angle size requirements to polish molding.
4. Polishing (degreasing rust).
5. The activation process.
6. Surface cleaning.
7. Testing, storage.

Tungsten carbide punches are mounted on metal parts stamping die, used in direct contact the material, and make the material ieformed, cutted. Tungsten carbide punch is a necessary accessorie to stamping die. Tungsten carbide punch depending on the punching material and thickness, to select a different alloy. Under normal circumstances, be thicker stamping products, tungsten carbide is better to choose the lower hardness and toughness of the model; the harder the material, select a slightly lower hardness models, which can effectively avoid the washed missing. When stamping relatively thin sheet metal , or hardness is not high, and hole machining of this product, tungsten steel punch can select higher hardness, thereby increasing the life of tungsten carbide punch. Tungsten carbide punch according to the different needs of the product, to produce different shapes, for example, a batch of drilling, the computer's chassis, there are a lot of top vents, as well as mobile phones, many of the electrical appliances, machinery the hole machining.

Tungsten Carbide Punch Applications
Due to the high punch size requirements, withstand greater impact loads and higher frequency of production, punch commonly is made by a high-speed steel or tungsten carbide material, tungsten carbide has high hardness, high hardness, high wear resistance, high red hardness, etc., generally used in demanding punching mold. Tungsten carbide punch are combined with the punch bar, punch nut, punch mother used together, generally used for punching tower plant uses. When stamping, large punch holes simultaneously processed hundreds takes less than one second, so greatly improves production efficiency. Therefore, tungsten carbide punch widely used in machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace manufacturing and other fields.

Tungsten Carbide Punch Failure
Tungsten carbide punch is a key part to stamping die, improving tungsten carbide punch life can delay the failure of the mold. Its quality is not only related to the quality and performance of products, but also directly affect production costs and efficiency. Factors that affect the life of the punch are mainly design structure, selection of materials, machining, heat treatment, parts shapes and materials and so on. The daily work process tungsten carbide punch failure basic forms: plastic deformation, wear, fatigue, fracture. When punch working, the surface repeated contact with rough , plastic deformation and pitting of the cutting edge ,under the combined effect of the convex and concave mold adhesion gap, these phenomena with the alternating load and friction press, the temperature rise high and aggravated.

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