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Tungsten carbide dispersing discs are mainly used for the crushing, mixing and grinding of materials such as paints, pigments, dyes, paints, inks, foodstuffs, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, daily chemicals, emulsions, liquid-solid materials, grinder, mixer, emulsifier and other mechanical equipments.

Working Principles

The dispersing disc is a fitting of high speed disperser, which is connected to a high speed disperser spindle. When the spindle of the disperser is running at high speed, the upper and lower sides of the dispersing disc show a rotating state, and a turbulence zone is formed at 2.5-5mm on the edge. Dispersed disc up and down jaggeds on the paint, paint, dry powder, solid - liquid and other materials for high - speed shear, impact, crushing, dispersion, which will achieve rapid mixing, dissolved, dispersed, refined state.

Tungsten Carbide Dispersed Disc Advantages

1. High strength and rugged.
2. Can be produces based on decentralized power, simple and practical.
3. Easy to replace, easier to clean, no pollution.

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