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Tungsten Carbide Bearing Ball

Tungsten carbide bearing ball main ingredient is tungsten-cobalt alloy (WC-CO), made of a special working conditions tungsten carbide bearing ball, has high temperature, abrasion resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance and other characteristics, and in high vacuum Magnetically shielded tungsten carbide bearing ball achieved certain results. In addition, due to the tungsten carbide bearing ball with a variety of special properties: such as good wear resistance, red hardness, high strength and high hardness, making it the ideal choice for ball bearings.

Tungsten Carbide Bearing Ball   Tungsten Carbide Bearing Ball

Diameter selection of tungsten carbide bearing ball
Ball bearings are standard components of the support shaft, which has a small friction, high efficiency, compact structure, easy maintenance and so on. Bearing clearance (refers to the maximum distance in the absence of load, between the bearing inner and outer ring can move) dynamic load has a significant impact on bearing life, temperature, noise, rated. Usually at the operating temperature of the ball bearing clearance should be close to 0; For large shocks, heavy-duty environment, should be used in a large bearing clearance; For high running accuracy, sound demanding, should be used in smaller bearing clearance.Tungsten carbide bearing ball diameter size is also directly related to the clearance size. Internal clearance is generally non-adjusted bearings shall be subject to professional option, by selecting the appropriate clearance levels and cooperate in order to ensure the normal operation of the bearing. Clearance of the bearing capacity of the bearing, slewing sensitivity, life, vibration characteristics have an important impact on the current traffic control clearance method is matching the right size ball during assembly, through multiple assembly and disassembly, matching up measure axial clearance to meet the requirements.

Action mode of the bearing balls carbide
Tungsten carbide bearing ball extremely broad scope of application, such as: precision bearings, instruments, meters, pumps, machinery and other accessories. tungsten carbide bearing ball is an important part of rolling bearings, tungsten carbide bearing ball mounted in the middle and outer rims of the inner rim, able to withstand greater loads, and can reduce friction and improve efficiency of machinery and equipment.

Tungsten carbide bearing ball machining process
Tungsten carbide bearing ball with high strength, high wear resistance, high-precision, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in the petroleum industry, bearings and so on. Because carbide ball material hardness up HRA87 above, is more than twice the Rockwell hardness of the ball, is difficult to machine materials.
than twice the Rockwell hardness of the ball, is difficult to machine materials. Tungsten carbide bearing ball to go through the following process flow main processes: cold forming or thermoforming process - ball - early research - Lapping - Polishing - Wash Ball --- detection - packaging. Through scientific control stage process, to create a qualified carbide bearing balls.

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