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Tungsten Carbide Ball for Pens

Tungsten carbide ball for pens is shaped by hard refractory metal compounds tungsten carbide and cobalt,and with sintering process to get the formation of a tungsten carbide substrate fake alloys.By this way, tungsten carbide retained its original character, and the binder phase is surrounded around the tungsten carbide particles.

Tungsten Carbide Ball for Pens   Tungsten Carbide Ball for Pens

Tungsten carbide ball for pens with low surface roughness, surface evenly filled with tiny pores, has more advantages than stainless steel beads when used on ball-point pen, roller pens and other pen . Because tungsten carbide ball for pens have high hardness, corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, low surface roughness, surface uniform and full of tiny pores, etc., these features is relatively stable when writing , making the ball on the tee body wear reduction , which has the advantages of uniform ink, marking a clear, fluent writing, non-skid , non-ink ,and so on.

Description tungsten carbide ball for pens with surface state has two aspects, one is the surface roughness, and second, the ball surface and pore size distribution. Any type of carbide ball to achieve good writing request, must have low surface roughness and uniform fine pores. And the entire process of writing, the relatively stable characteristics can be maintained long, and the variation is minimal. This can effectively reduce the time of writing to wear between the ball and the ball seat, the capillary action through the porous ink is slowly taken out continuously while the surplus ink back to the body of the ball seat, to ensure the stability and good writing performance.

Currently foreign ballpoint pen roller pen, etc. Basically all use a tungsten carbide ball, most of the domestic ballpoint and roller pen manufacturers are also widely used pen with carbide ball, especially on luxury goods.

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