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Tungsten carbide granule is composite of tungsten carbide and cobalt. The cobalt content is within 8% to 9%, tungsten carbide with 91% to 92%. Our tungsten carbide granule with excellent properties of high hardness, T.R.S., strength, high toughness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

General Grade and Properties

Grade Co% WC% Density(g/cm3) T.R.S.(N/mm2) Hardness(HRA)
YG8 8 92 14.5-14.7 2400-2500 90

Main Mesh and Grain Size

Type Mesh Grain Size(mm) Type Mesh Grain Size(mm)
Corse 4-6 4.76-3.17 Medium 6-10 3.17-1.98
5-8 3.96-2.38 6-14 3.17-1.59
6-8 3.17-1.59 8-10 2.38-1.98
Fine 8-14 2.38-1.59 Very Fine 20-30 1.19-0.79
10-14 1.98-1.58 30-40 0.79-0.40
16-20 1.58-1.19 40-60 0.40-0.25






1. High purity, easy to weld in the throwing parts, used as polishing tool.
2. Irregular shape, increased contact surface, improves work efficiency, widely used as wear-resistant parts in the field of agricultural and mining machinery.
3. Mixed with glue spray gun spray to the hull, the role of corrosion resistance.
4. Used as weight balance

Tungsten carbide granules are used for drilling in various types of strata in geological prospecting and in various engineering fields. The tungsten carbide plate crushed into 0.1-3.5 mm of small particles, and then these granules using electroplating, hot pressing, welding and other methods fixed on the working layer of the bit steel body to form a self-grinding cutting edge of the cutting layer, Hard and small particles, easy to cut into the rock, small particles outside the plating, hot pressing, welding and other metal protection, since the grinding edge will not be impact after the crack, can effectively improve the drilling speed and rock level.

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