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Binderless Tungsten Carbide Carbon Control

Compared with the traditional binder-containing tungsten carbide, the binderless tungsten carbide is very sensitive to carbon content, and the carbon content of the normal phase structure has a certain range value. Above this range, brittle η phase or free carbon appears. The effect of the two on the strength and other properties of the alloy is extremely bad. Since the suitable carbon content of the binderless tungsten carbide does not have a fluctuation range like the WC-Co alloy, but a fixed value, the binderless tungsten carbide is the control of carbon is even more important.

Importance of Carbon Control
When the binderless tungsten carbide is deficient in carbon, brittle η phase is easily generated, resulting in a decrease in strength. When there is too much free carbon in the binderless tungsten carbide, free carbon is more likely to react with oxygen and hydrogen than carbon. An element such as nitrogen reacts to generate more gas during sintering, resulting in an increase in pores and a decrease in density of the sintered body.

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Binderless Tungsten Carbide With Carbon
The proper carbon content of the binderless WC raw powder does not have a range of fluctuations as in conventional tungsten carbides, but only one point. If research shows that 0.2μm WC powder is used, when the carbon content is 0.4%, the WC phase can be formed exactly. This value is much larger than that of ordinary molded-sintered tungsten carbide.

Binderless Tungsten Carbide Powder Particle Size
As the surface powder oxide content of the refined powder particle size increases, it is easy to chemically react with the free carbon to produce a carbon-deficient phase during sintering. It has been found that the WC powder with a grain size of about 0.5 μm is added to the 0.3% carbon black after sintering, and there is no carbon-deficient phase. However, the increased carbon content also leads to a decrease in the porosity of the sintered body and promotes grain growth of the sintered body.

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