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Herramientas geológicas mineras

Herramientas geológicas mineras are made of WC-Co alloy. According different geological mining tools, different rock hardness, or in different parts of the geological mining tools, requiring an average WC grain and containing cobalt are also different . Herramientas geológicas mineras material in addition to the requirements of high purity, and require WC, C particles are generally coarse, for WC total carbon and free carbon, there are strict requirements range. Herramientas geológicas mineras has formed a relatively stable and mature production technology, widely used as a molding agent paraffin wax, vacuum dewaxing (and hydrogen dewaxing) and vacuum sintering.

Herramientas geológicas mineras   Herramientas geológicas mineras

Herramientas geológicas mineras take on the important task of engineering geology, oil exploration, mining and civil construction. Herramientas geológicas mineras as traditional geological mining tools, geological mining tools by the complex role of impact and abrasion, harsh working conditions, there are at least wear mine rock form more than four, namely: thermal fatigue wear, shock wear the shock of fatigue wear and abrasive wear. Herramientas geológicas mineras compared with the general geological mining tools, have higher hardness, strength and toughness. tungsten carbide able to adapt to changing conditions better,and under the guarantee toughness does not fall have further improve the wear resistance of the alloy.

tungsten carbide bits as the common part of Herramientas geológicas mineras, one tungsten carbide bit can replace 4 to 10 steel bits, its penetration rate twice as high, while the Taladro de carburo de tungsteno bit replacement less often, improve production efficiency, perforation rate. Tooth Taladro de carburo de tungsteno for, it is required to adapt to a variety of rock properties teeth, perforation rate, abrasion resistance, shock resistance, so as to achieve long service life. Taladro de carburo de tungsteno bit has become a major tool for high-efficiency perforated. Currently Herramientas geológicas mineras for large and medium-sized open-air metal mines, especially for large open pit type non-ferrous metal perforation, Herramientas geológicas mineras has broad prospects.

Selection of Herramientas geológicas mineras
Herramientas geológicas mineras have high hardness and excellent wear resistance and heat resistance of some, but it is a very sensitive to surface cracks or defects, poor performance of the anti-shock cold quasi-brittle materials; its compressive strength is high, but the tensile strength is very low. Meanwhile, the stress concentration is also very sensitive. Selection of geological mining tools with tungsten carbide grade, should be the main consideration alloy shock resistance and abrasion resistance. Various items of property flexural strength, hardness, density, coercive force, fracture toughness, porosity, dirt degrees, the average grain size of tungsten tungsten carbide , etc., can reflect different aspects of shock resistance and wear resistance of the alloy.
Selection Herramientas geológicas mineras, the shock of extremely hard rock and heavy drills big power should focus on the toughness of the tungsten carbide alloy, the choice of a higher amount of cobalt-containing tungsten carbide alloy grades; for hard and brittle, and the corrosive rock, should focused on the wear resistance of the tungsten carbide alloy, the choice of a slightly lower amount of cobalt tungsten carbide alloy grades; on the hard and medium hard rock below, should use low cobalt-containing, high hardness tungsten carbide alloy grades; for use under heavy mining coal mining tungsten carbide cutter used mainly to reduce the cobalt content increased, grain size so that the shock toughness of the alloy greatly improved flexural strength; for column teeth, cross, three-blade drill head is the choice of the cobalt-containing lower amounts of tungsten carbide .

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